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K Type Fiberglass Thermocouple Wire K-F
Posted by Shanghai Tankii Alloy Material Co., Ltd [Bronze] on 09/05/2018, 09:11:40 AM
1.K Type thermocouple cable 2.Fiberglass Coated 3.Size:2*0.5mm 4.KX Type 5.Temperature:..
M-7005 8-Channel Thermistor DAQ Module
Posted by ICP DAS USA [Bronze] on 11/19/2014, 01:45:42 AM
8-channel Thermistor Input and 6-channel Alarm Output Data Acquisition Module, communicable over..
Temperature Probes
Posted by SENSOR TECHNOLOGY SRL [Bronze] on 07/20/2014, 05:27:56 PM
SENSOR TECHNOLOGY is a business founded by highly specialised technicians with more than thirty..
Ultrasonic Thickness Meter
Posted by Fenghua Refworld Refrigeration Industry Co., Ltd [Bronze] on 04/17/2013, 01:27:40 AM
Ultrasonic Thickness Meter
Low Temperature Thermocouple and RTDs
Posted by Ajmer Thermotech Pvt Ltd [Bronze] on 04/02/2013, 06:26:07 AM
♦ Thermocouple type ‘J’ (iron-constantant or Fe-K) for temperature upto 800°C. ♦..
High Temperature Thermocouples
Posted by Ajmer Thermotech Pvt Ltd [Bronze] on 04/02/2013, 06:00:27 AM
♦ Steatite Ceramic terminal block with nickle plated terminals ♦ Die cast Aluminium, S.S...
Tungsten-Copper Alloys
Posted by Polema [Bronze] on 12/07/2012, 07:28:08 AM
W-Cu contacts are used in VACs of vacuum contactors with a nominal voltage of 1.14 kW and higher in..
Cr-Cu Alloys
Posted by Polema [Bronze] on 12/07/2012, 07:24:57 AM
Cr-Cu contacts are used in the vacuum arc-quenching chambers (VACs) of highly dependable,..
Infrared Thermometer
Posted by kellermsr [Bronze] on 11/21/2012, 08:42:26 AM
CellaTemp PA Series With its wide variety of options and models, this pyrometer series offers..
Thermocouple Wire
Posted by getpoint [Bronze] on 10/02/2012, 04:36:14 AM
Type K Thermocouple Cable
Pressure Transmitter with MODBUS
Posted by Xian UTOP MEASUREMENT INSTRUMENT CO., LTD [Bronze] on 02/24/2012, 08:06:33 AM
We are UTOP Company from Xian China, we manufacture pressure transmitters and temperature..
Copper Alloys
Posted by cynthiazlx [Bronze] on 12/13/2011, 02:23:52 AM
Beijing Zhongbei Tai Ye Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of copper alloy products,like:chromium..
Posted by nbrian [Bronze] on 12/05/2011, 05:28:35 AM
Gas thermophile for heater
UTECO Temperature Sensors
Posted by UTECO [Bronze] on 11/23/2011, 08:33:12 AM
UTECO sensors, dedicated 40 years now in manufacturing of temperature sensors for Industrial,..
Temperature Sensors
Posted by Thermometrics Corporation [Bronze] on 10/04/2011, 10:47:52 PM
At thermometrics, we manufacture a wide range of temperature sensors such as RTDs, Thermocouples,..
SRT-147 Temperature Meter
Posted by SIMEX Ltd [Bronze] on 10/04/2011, 11:04:18 AM
The SRT-147 meter is equipped with one Pt100/Pt500/Pt1000 type or thermocouple (K, S, J, T, N, R,..
SRT-77 Temperature Meter
Posted by SIMEX Ltd [Bronze] on 10/04/2011, 10:02:57 AM
The SRT-77 meter is equipped with thermoresistance input (Pt100, 500, 1000) or thermocouple input..
Temperature Transmitter
Posted by ELTEC CABLES AND INSTRUMENTS [Bronze] on 08/20/2011, 04:38:04 AM
TMT 190 head mount temperature transmitter isPC programmable and used for converting various input..
Temperature Controller (FOXB)
Posted by cnwinpark [Bronze] on 08/19/2011, 03:52:31 AM
FOXB model temperature controller : The most recommended type for agents, because it is..
Multi-Loop Temperature Control Module
Posted by cnwinpark [Bronze] on 08/19/2011, 03:45:04 AM
This module has temperature control program inside, so if users don't require very complex..
Thermocouple Cables, Compensating Cable
Posted by ELTEC CABLES AND INSTRUMENTS [Bronze] on 08/15/2011, 05:18:41 AM
We specialized in manufacturing of  diverse range of thermocouple extension &..
4ch. Digital Temperature Controller/Scan
Posted by novatek [Bronze] on 07/18/2011, 05:13:43 AM
TR-100 Digital temperature relay for the alarm signalization and overheating protection of dry..
Power Analyzer
Posted by cqbluejay [Bronze] on 06/28/2011, 02:36:35 AM
Applications   1. All power parameter measurement, Current,       ..
Posted by woosoo98 [Bronze] on 04/27/2011, 08:21:19 AM
ear sir, We are pleased to introduce to you our company by e-mail.   Having heard from the..
Thermocouple with Cable
Posted by Beijing ShengRuiKe Auto Equipment Co.,Ltd [Bronze] on 04/22/2011, 03:13:04 AM
1. thermocouple with compensating cable 2.Thread Connection 3.SS braid Cable..
Sell Thermocouple
Posted by Beijing ShengRuiKe Auto Equipment Co.,Ltd [Bronze] on 04/19/2011, 06:49:24 AM
1. Thermocouple 2.K type 3.0-1000C  4.Thread connection 5.Length:100mm 
E5C2 temperature controller
Posted by cnelectricbest [Bronze] on 04/16/2011, 01:34:27 AM
E5C2 temperature controller input signal: K , E, Pt100, Cu50 accuracy : 1.5 law of regulation:..
Micro-Temp Thermometer
Posted by RE-ATLANTIS ENTERPRISE CO., LTD [Bronze] on 02/22/2011, 05:28:53 AM
Mail: gauge@atlantis.com.tw•Easy operation. •Suitable for any K-TYPE thermocouple. •Fast..
Bimetallic Thermometer
Posted by RE-ATLANTIS ENTERPRISE CO., LTD [Bronze] on 02/22/2011, 05:27:32 AM
Mail: gauge@atlantis.com.tw(T type) Material: Stainless steel(304) cases and stems. (316..
Remote Reading Thermometer
Posted by RE-ATLANTIS ENTERPRISE CO., LTD [Bronze] on 02/22/2011, 05:26:04 AM
Mail: gauge@atlantis.com.twFlush Mounting w/Flange Type Thermometer. 1. Temperature Range:..
Thermocouple Wire
Posted by Wuxi Hangxin Thermal Meter Factory [Bronze] on 02/19/2011, 02:00:07 AM
The melting point of the tungsten rhenium alloy thermocouple wire is 3120~3360℃.The tungsten..
Compensating cable
Posted by Wuxi Hangxin Thermal Meter Factory [Bronze] on 02/19/2011, 01:56:40 AM
The implement standard of our compensating cable is GB/T4989-94(type S、R..
Posted by Wuxi Hangxin Thermal Meter Factory [Bronze] on 02/19/2011, 01:54:10 AM
These are made from seamless pipe for the support of thermocouple.These are internally fitted with..
Posted by Wuxi Hangxin Thermal Meter Factory [Bronze] on 02/19/2011, 01:40:55 AM
The expendable thermocouple is used for measuring the temperature of the molten metal. Our products..
Posted by dpstar Thermo Control Electric Sdn Bhd [Bronze] on 12/07/2010, 05:16:17 PM
dpstar is a Trading & manufacturing company. We are one of the largest manufacturer of heater..
electric heating element
Posted by ycsongtai [Bronze] on 11/29/2010, 08:32:59 AM
electric heating element,stainless steel heating tube,immersion heater,heating element,water..
Thermotech Engineering Company
Posted by Thermotech Engineering Company [Bronze] on 11/22/2010, 02:55:25 AM
We are manufacturers of furnaces ovens refractories and thermocouples
expendable thermocouple tips
Posted by winsum [Bronze] on 10/25/2010, 05:38:02 AM
The thermocouple tips manufactured by WSI are disposable sensors for measurement of molten metal..
Posted by andyoh [Bronze] on 10/24/2010, 08:47:51 AM
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